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If you can dream it, we can build it! We work closely with our clients to realize their dream hardscape features. We offer as many choices as possible to ensure each client is pleased with the finished project. Hardscaping materials have seen many improvements in recent years. There are countless combinations of stone types, shapes, colors, and textures to make each installation one-of-a-kind. Gone are the days of “industrial-looking” retaining walls or patios. Our hardscape projects always look natural and picturesque.

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Cement Pavers

If your concrete surface is old and tired or its colours fading. green tech remodeling & design INC can rejuvenate your surface without the need to remove and replace the existing worn surface. Any of our Spray-On or Resin Bound systems can be applied over your concrete to return it to an as new situation and even stronger than before. In most cases we avoid the need for grinding the existing surface off, saving time and money.

Outdoor BBQ and Firepit

Fire and BBQ pits provide evening ambiance to any outdoor setting and gather a crowd quickly bringing back memories from childhood and creating new ones. It soon becomes the focal point in your backyard for you and your guests. The campfire-like atmosphere brings out the storyteller in all of us. When planning the venue for placement always allow for a large open space that ensures safety from flames and sparks reaching structures,
When planning the venue for placement always allow for a large open space that ensures safety from flames and sparks reaching structures, plants, and other combustible materials. Wind direction is a consideration along with views from the seating area around the pit. Consider the space requirements and seating arrangement from all sides of your bbq and fire pit. Examine  how close is comfortable seating next to the fire. A knee wall or built-in seating might be considered as an option close enough to the pit to feel comfortable while still giving room to move about. Normally a 7-foot space around the perimeter of the fire and bbq pit is a good rule of thumb for traffic movement and to accommodate furniture placement. Making sure you get the full advantage of warmth and accessibility is vital in designing a fire and bbq pit.

Swimming Pool Renovations

Summer will be here before you know it! It’s time to start planning your beautiful new backyard and swimming pool renovations today! green tech remodeling & design INC specializes in swimming pool renovations and has over 15 years experience in creating amazing custom pools and spas for their clients. Just take a look at our gallery below to see the range of styles of pools and spas that we can create for you. The options are endless! Whether you are looking for a pool and spa combination with a cascading water feature into the pool, or just looking for a simple pool we can do just about anything you can think up.
The great thing about choosing KJ Construction & Design Hardscapes for your swimming pool design and renovations is that we are able to not only create the swimming pool but also the patios, retaining walls, steps, and any and everything surrounding your pool creating the perfect summer oasis for you to enjoy for years to come! Come to us with your new swimming pool idea and we will create something better than you can even imagine. So if you are ready to get started on your new swimming pool and or spa lets get to work on it today!

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